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Skydiving, cliff jumping, extreme water sports . . . you name it and I’ve done it. Just ask any one of my millions of Youtube fans. I get paid to travel the world with my model girlfriend, Lori. Yeah, you heard right. Dream job? Hell yes.

But getting dumped by Lori wasn’t part of the plan. Winning her back is my priority but I need to act fast to limit the damage. That’s why I’m in Las Vegas to proposition Brianna Reed, a gorgeous dancer. If there’s one thing Lori couldn’t stand, it was me being around other women.


Don’t let my seductive smiles fool you. Working the Las Vegas strip as a burlesque dancer ages your soul. No one plans to get into this life but it’s what I do to pay the bills.

But I know where to draw the line. And that means dancing only and no funny business with my clients.

I never asked Chad Harlan why he chose me to be his pretend girlfriend. Is it weird? Maybe. But right now weird seems like a small price to pay for an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii. Judge me all you like. I REALLY need this vacation.

I promised myself I’d keep it professional . . . which is not so simple when your body is urging you to break all the rules.

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