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High speed. High stakes. I’m all about living on the edge.

Skydiving, cliff jumping, extreme water sports . . . you name it and I’ve done it. Just ask any one of my millions of Youtube fans. I get paid to travel the world with my model girlfriend Lori. Yeah, you heard right. Dream job? Hell yes.

But keeping my demanding tribe of followers happy ain’t easy. Admittedly it helps when you’re pulling in seven figures. But the money doesn’t come close to the rush of watching one of your videos go viral. It’s what yanks me out of bed to check my latest view count . . . and gives me sleepless nights.

Getting dumped by Lori was not part of the plan. Although we’ve always had a love-hate thing going on for the fans, deep down I’m stuck on her being the one. Winning her back is my priority but I need to act fast to limit the damage. That’s why I’m doing the rounds in Vegas. If there’s one thing Lori couldn’t stand was me being around other women.

Watching Brin perform on stage brings a silly grin to my face. She’s got all the attributes I’m looking for . . . in a fake girlfriend.

Don’t let the seductive smiles fool you. Working the Las Vegas strip ages your soul. No one plans to get into this life but with my modeling career going nowhere fast it’s what I do to pay the bills.

Just so we’re clear. I’m not one of those girls. I know where I draw the line. And that means dancing only and no funny business with my clients. It also means fewer tips but at least I get to stay sane and sleep at night.

I never asked Chad Harlan why he chose me. I guess I was afraid he’d change his mind. But there’s just one tiny little snag — I need to pretend to be his girlfriend. Is that weird? Maybe. But right now weird seems like a really small price to pay for an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii. Judge me all you like. I REALLY need this vacation.

I did NOT expect the first videos to go viral. Or the comments saying we make a cute couple. There’s no denying how turned on I am every time I see him without a shirt on. But I promised myself I’d keep this professional . . . which is not so simple though when your body is urging you to break all the rules.