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Find love on the open road in 'Driven Hard', a steamy tale of two souls overcoming obstacles to reach their happily ever after.

Find out in Driven Hard, the latest steamy romance from bestselling author Tasha Fawkes.  Driven-Hard-300x480.jpg by Tasha Fawkes

About Tasha

I’m originally from a small southern town where everyone knew everyone and their business. I was so happy to leave and move to California for college where I was originally going to be a veterinarian.

Well, I met a guy – yeah, it’s that kind of story – and dropped out of school to have my oldest daughter. We soon divorced, and as a kind of therapy, I started to write books. I loved the fantasy world of fiction and never did go back to college, and have been writing ever since.

I write about sexy guys and girls. Anything but missionary – unless the heroine is tied up tight. My southern upbringing sure brings the kinkiness out of me. Don’t be shy to stay in touch. I’d love to hear your kinky stories. Maybe we can turn them into a book. 🙂

XXX, Tasha