Knocked Up By The Billionaire

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Brady Shaw is the sole heir to a billion-dollar oil empire in Texas. However, he has no desire to take over the family business. He’s too busy indulging in women, booze and all of life’s other temptations.

But when his father shuts down the flow of money, closing all his credit cards, Brady is presented with an ultimatum; marry and produce a grandchild within a year, or spend the remainder of his life like the rest of the world–poor as fuck.

Dana Sommer is a hard-working college student with serious problems. After losing her scholarship, due to budget cuts, she now must find a way to, not only pay her tuition, but also, within a week, get her hands on $50,000 dollars to settle her brother’s gambling debt, or she could lose the only family she has left.

Responding to a Craigslist ad, she’s presented with a very unusual offer that could solve all her problems; marry a rich spoiled playboy for one year and bear his child. The reward? Half a million dollars.