House of Passion – Book Five

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I’ve been over the financials a thousand times with Wes. And the numbers don’t lie. It’s why I’m considering an offer to buy Gallagher. At least this way, I’d be walking away with something before there’s nothing left to sell.

Gallagher has been my life these past ten years, but there comes a time when you have to cut your losses and move on. But I made a promise to Celina when I told her we’re in this together. And she’s convinced we’ve still got time to turn things around. My head is telling me I’m chasing a pipe dream. But my heart still wants to believe.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and this decision could cost me everything. But with Celina at my side, it’ll at least be one hell of a last ride . . .


Life rarely works out the way we plan. Well, it’s been that way for me these last few years. When I accepted the job as Travis’s PA, I told myself I’d use him to get what I wanted. And it worked. But I also got so much more. Travis and I are official now . . .

It feels like a lifetime ago that he asked me to model for him. And so much has happened since then. I’ve been hounded by the paparazzi, befriended his daughter Jessie, and spent a perfect weekend at his luxury getaway upstate. Oh, and we have a plan to save Gallagher . . . together.

But I could never have predicted what came next – finding out a secret that could be the answer Travis has been searching for all these years. If I tell him, it will open up old wounds. But if I don’t, it’s a secret that could rip us apart forever. It’s like I said, life rarely works out the way we plan . . .


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