Her Fake Billionaire

Deception always creates a web of lies. Karen, the spoiled socialite, isn’t allowed to make her own decisions. Her parents have already figured it all out, and have chosen her suitor and her direction in life. Ben is a hardworking normal guy. When he meets Karen he figures, what chance does he have with this … Read more


Could you say no? Living in a homeless shelter with my newborn son, our future looked bleak. Then a woman I’d never seen before showed me a way out. I took it. The catch, it involved my son and a sexy billionaire. The plan was insane, but my son would get the best life could … Read more

The Playboy’s Secret Virgin

A hot shot billionaire playboy can be quite intimidating, especially for a plain Jane virgin like me. When the elevator doors open to my new boss glaring down at my disastrous coffee mishap on my first day at James Enterprises, the look of disgust on his handsomely chiseled face is menacing, knocking any hope for … Read more