House of Passion – Book Seven

Travis My wife was running away the night she was killed. And all these years later I still don’t know why. Celina may have thought she was helping me, but she’s just left me with more questions. Keeping the truth from me isn’t why I pushed Celina away. She can’t see it, but she’s better … Read more

House of Passion – Book Six

TravisThe atmosphere is electric as I make my way to the makeshift stage. I let the anticipation build, taking my time to look over the crowd of Gallagher staff. When I announce that the new collection is a smash hit, the room explodes in a cacophony of whistles and cheers. I call Celina to the … Read more

House of Passion – Book Five

Travis I’ve been over the financials a thousand times with Wes. And the numbers don’t lie. It’s why I’m considering an offer to buy Gallagher. At least this way, I’d be walking away with something before there’s nothing left to sell. Gallagher has been my life these past ten years, but there comes a time … Read more

House of Passion – Book Four

CelinaI force my way through the throng of reporters clamoring to get at me. One of them shoves a mic in my face and asks how it feels to be the face of the disgraced Gallagher brand. What the hell kind of a question is that? I never asked for any of this. But I … Read more

House of Passion – Book Three

Celina Travis broke his promise. He asked me to model for him again . . . and this time I said yes. Backstage at the launch of Gallagher’s new collection, everything is a blur as Travis fits me in his signature dress. What the hell am I doing? I swore I’d never set foot on … Read more

House of Passion – Book Two

Celina I make a beeline for the tabloid reporter’s car and slam my fists down hard on the hood. The paparazzi have been trailing me for weeks . . . and I just snapped. Unfortunately, my angry tirade seems to have the opposite effect of what I was going for. The jerk is actually grinning … Read more

House of Passion – Book One

TravisWho is she? The mysterious model from last night? The tabloids call her the only bright spot from my show.  As a fashion designer, I used to live for The House of Gallagher’s shows. But these days the trade press only seem interested in slamming my new collections. Last night wasn’t any different, until she showed.  … Read more