His Ultimate Power

U.S. Senator Jack Drayson has finally got the career he has always wanted in D.C. But when it becomes clear that all his work since taking office has been stonewalled, he’s forced to reconsider an offer from prominent Washington lobbyist Lewis Freeman. It’s a decision he’s been avoiding for months as it threatens to snatch … Read more

His Regret to Power

Settling for a life as a career politician seemed a small price to pay for Senator Jack Drayson. After all, the prize was marrying the woman of his dreams. But something died inside him the day he made a promise that he was done chasing the corridors of power in DC. Jack may have chosen … Read more

His Climb to Power

Politics is a dirty game. But is Jack Drayson ready to play? State Senator Jack Drayson is back in office after successfully fending off murder charges. Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, the powerful faction ruthlessly pursuing him have pushed him too far this time. Now he’s coming for them. But nothing can prepare … Read more

His Fall From Power

Jack Drayson’s political career is over. And so is his relationship to Blythe, the woman of his life. After being framed for the murder of a former lover, he’ll stop at nothing to clear his name. He swore to Blythe that he’s innocent, but now she’s refusing to see him or take his calls. Were … Read more

His Rise to Power

State Senator Jack Drayson’s crushing reelection campaign win and meteoric political rise hasn’t gone unnoticed. Powerful forces in his party lurk in the shadows. And he quickly discovers they are bent on ensuring nothing stands between him and Washington DC. But first, a heavy price must be paid to prove his loyalty. Give up the … Read more