House of Passion – Book Two

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I make a beeline for the tabloid reporter’s car and slam my fists down hard on the hood. The paparazzi have been trailing me for weeks . . . and I just snapped. Unfortunately, my angry tirade seems to have the opposite effect of what I was going for. The jerk is actually grinning at me as he snaps away. What happened to my life? What’s happening to me?

And to make matters worse, my new boss Travis Gallagher is treating me like I’ve caught the plague. Though I can’t say I’m surprised. I did give him what he was after. So much for sticking to my plan and getting what I want out of our deal . . .

But if he thinks he can get rid of me I won’t go without a fight. I need this job – for Kristen. And nothing will stop me from achieving my dream of becoming a world-famous designer.


Sleeping with Celina was a mistake. But at least she’s out my system – like all the other women before her. Now I can get back to turning Gallagher’s fortunes around following the disastrous last show. Wes thinks it’s time to hand the creative reins over to an outsider. Only problem is that would prove my critics are right about me. Time may be running out to save the company, but there’s no way in hell I’m stepping down before I’ve had one final shot at proving my naysayers wrong.

Staring at the drawings strewn across my design studio, all I see are portraits of her face. How long has it been since I was last here? A year? I pick up a drawing pencil. It feels oddly unfamiliar in my hand. I’m afraid of what might come out of me. Another picture of her? All I know is if I can’t figure out the sh*t going on inside my head, Gallagher is finished . . .


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