House of Passion – Book Four

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I force my way through the throng of reporters clamoring to get at me. One of them shoves a mic in my face and asks how it feels to be the face of the disgraced Gallagher brand. What the hell kind of a question is that? I never asked for any of this. But I know why I’m still here. Travis.

To feel wanted – it’s what every woman wants. Travis told me that he needs me. That we can get through this together. And more than anything in the world my heart wants to believe him.

But now that I know how damaged he is, I can’t help wondering if I’ll ever be able to measure up to her . . .


Passing someone’s work off as my own wasn’t illegal. Unethical maybe. But this industry is all about perception and reputation. And after I risked it all on the new collection, I don’t see a way back for Gallagher.

The press is having a field day speculating why I did it. Let’s just say that for more than a decade, this fashion house has defined me. I am Gallagher. Take that away and there’s not much left. So, there’s your answer. It’s all I’ve got.

Now there are rumors of an offer to buy out the company. Honestly, I’m surprised there are any buyers left. I swore to myself I’d never sell the company, but maybe it’s finally time to let go of the dream . . . let go of her . . . and move on with Celina.


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