House of Passion – Book Seven

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My wife was running away the night she was killed. And all these years later I still don’t know why. Celina may have thought she was helping me, but she’s just left me with more questions.

Keeping the truth from me isn’t why I pushed Celina away. She can’t see it, but she’s better off without me. I’ve been in denial about just how damaged I am. And ending things with her was the only way forward . . . for both of us.

At least Gallagher is back at the top where it belongs. The new collection is breaking all kinds of sales records. It’s what I so desperately wanted. And yet, I’ve never felt this empty inside . . .

I had to tell Travis about Natalie’s past. There was no other way. So many things don’t make sense to me, like the threats my aunt has been receiving. But none of it matters any more. I thought he’d understand why I kept the truth from him for so long. I was wrong . . .

But I’m grateful for everything Travis has given me. He’s the reason I’ve been offered the head designer position at an up-and-coming fashion house that’s taking the industry by storm. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become what I’ve always dreamed of: a world-famous designer.

I never thought I’d hear myself say the words, but I am an intelligent, strong and creative woman. And as much as my heart is telling me otherwise, maybe it was always meant to be this way . . .

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