His Ultimate Power

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U.S. Senator Jack Drayson has finally got the career he has always wanted in D.C. But when it becomes clear that all his work since taking office has been stonewalled, he’s forced to reconsider an offer from prominent Washington lobbyist Lewis Freeman. It’s a decision he’s been avoiding for months as it threatens to snatch away the one thing he promised himself he’d never give up again: Control.

Blythe Drayson left her family and life’s work behind to start a new life with her husband in Washington D.C. Months on, and she’s still struggling to make the transition. And Jack telling her to just give it more time isn’t helping when his career is flourishing and Blythe feels like she’s been left behind.

With their relationship taking strain, and struggling with doubts of her own, Blythe returns home against Jack’s wishes. It’s a risky move that could push them even further apart, but it may be the only way to find herself again and discover once and for all if their love is the kind that is built to last.

This is the final book of the His Power Series.

You don’t want to miss His Ultimate Power, a steamy hot romance.