His Desire – Book 7

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Welcome to the final installment of His Desire!


A coffee dousing and an elevator ride from hell. Like a scene straight out of a bad romantic comedy, that’s how it started for us. And one crazy, magical night with Isabella was all I needed to realize she was special. She didn’t see it at the time, but I always knew she was going places. And while Fate brought us together, in an ironic twist, Isabella needed me to push her (away) so she could finally see the truth for herself.

Now, that all seems like a lifetime ago after I promised myself I wouldn’t be the guy who holds her back. So here I am, back where I belong, in the Gray Industries boardroom. And I’m about to seal the hostile takeover that will finally erase the only stain on my perfect career record. There’s just one problem, though. Isabella wasn’t supposed to be here. And it’s suddenly dawned on me that I was a fool for thinking I’m over her. Can I dare to believe that Fate still has one final hand to play?


I won’t lie to you. I’m freaking out a bit right now. That’s what blowing up all over social media will do to you. And don’t get me started on being stopped by fans on the sidewalk. But this is what I’ve dreamed of all my life—making it as a professional comedian.

My stars are finally aligning, and it feels like everything in my life has building toward this moment. But if this is what I’ve always wanted, then why does it feel like there’s a gaping hole inside my chest? I’ve convinced myself this is for the best. That one day I’ll look back on my time with Braden and know I made the right decision. But what if I’m wrong? Move on is what my head is telling me. But that’s not so easy when my heart wants to believe our story’s final chapter still needs to be written.


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