His Climb to Power

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Politics is a dirty game. But is Jack Drayson ready to play?

State Senator Jack Drayson is back in office after successfully fending off murder charges. Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, the powerful faction ruthlessly pursuing him have pushed him too far this time. Now he’s coming for them.

But nothing can prepare him for the web of corruption he uncovers, or the lure of unfettered power the corrupt system he’s determined to expose can offer him. He’s made peace with getting his hands dirty to get what he wants. Or so he thought, until he met Blythe Hemsey.

When Jack asks Blythe for more time, she gives him an ultimatum instead. She’s tired of the secrets and needs closure. But can she trust her own motives when she’s been avoiding an uncomfortable truth of her own; her unexpected attraction to Riley Jensen–the business consultant she’s hired to turn around her ailing nonprofit’s fortunes.

Ready or not, Jack will have to choose between the career he’s always believed he wanted and the woman he loves.

You don’t want to miss His Climb to Power, the steamy hot romance of the summer.