Forced to Yield: Blackmailing the Billionaire Series – Book 2

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Revenge from the grave, Emotional blackmail, True love

Rex Harris: That bastard Henry Burns loves his job as executor of my billionaire fathers estate. First my brother Matt had to get married and produce an heir before he turned thirty. If not, the entire family will lose their inheritance.

Now Henry gets to play with the family again. Nothing more than trying to win a good game of chess. Matt won the first game, but now Henry reveals game two.

Now, we find out about the new clause and I’m the target! If I don’t fulfill the terms exactly… you guessed it, no money for the family. Everyone knows I’m not up for the task, but what choice do I have?

Shana Denton: Why does Rex Harris want to work with me? I can’t believe he thinks my father would agree to a merger with Harris Corp. Not a chance in hell, besides, what’s in it for me?

I mean I can’t deny the physical attraction and he’s pretty smart, but maybe, just maybe, it could work for both us.

I can’t trust him, but one date, errr business meeting couldn’t hurt.

Will Rex risk losing the woman he loves for his family’s sake, or will his grandfather’s feud be too high a price to pay?

Includes two bonus books for your reading pleasure!


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