Forced to Forget: Blackmailing the Billionaire Series – Book 3

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When your grandfather is William Harris, charity never begins at home. The bastard must be laughing from the grave he was stuffed in three years ago.

The cruel, vindictive will has a final part, and now, it’s the youngest brother’s turn. It won’t be easy, and Nate’s grandfather hated him the most, so he left the best stipulation for last.

As always, the family fortune is on the line. Nate can’t waver one bit, or it’s goodbye to the fortune, and worse, what he loves most.

Angela’s burned out and ready to quit her job. All the ladder climbing is taking a toll. She gladly takes a one-year contract at the Harris Foundation.

When she meets Nate, she realizes she has to choose. Both of them have to choose. Both will be Forced to Forget.

Enjoy the exciting conclusion to the Blackmailed by the Billionaire series.


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