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Driven Hard

As Layne Michaels, a rising celebrity influencer, celebrates her twenty-first birthday, she is faced with heartbreak as her star quarterback boyfriend decides to end their relationship. Devastated and in need of a change of scenery, she impulsively sets off on a road trip, determined to leave her troubles behind.

Along the way, she finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere, her car out of gas and her future uncertain. That is until she crosses paths with Ray Bryant, a rugged and mysterious former marine-turned-truck driver. Despite their initial reservations, the two are drawn to each other and soon realize that they share a deep connection.

As they embark on a journey together, they must navigate not only the open road but also the demons from their past that threaten to keep them apart. Through the trials and tribulations, their love for each other grows stronger, and they must fight for their happy ever after.

From explosive chemistry to overcoming personal struggles, Driven Hard is a steamy and emotional romance that will leave you breathless. Will Layne and Ray find their way to each other’s hearts? Read this passionate tale to find out.

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